Helping Babies Sleep

Helping Babies Sleep

8 Weeks 


‘If you haven’t had a good night’s sleep since your baby was born you are not alone.  Sleepless nights are a rite of passage for most parents- but don’t despair.  You can help your baby’s sleep improve with some helpful tips and techniques.  This course will help you create a flexible routine to suit all the family and earn the much needed shut-eye that you deserve.


The course will help you and your baby to a more restful and peaceful night.  It looks at what to use to aid self soothing. How to gain the most from your babys nap time, your baby’s bedtime routine and how the sleeping environment can have a positive effect on your baby getting to sleep.

Course Dates

·       Monday 9th October 18:30 – 20.30
·       Monday 16th October 18:30 – 20.30
·       Monday 23rd  October 18:30 – 20.30
·       Monday 6th November 18:30 – 20.30
·       Monday 13th November 18:30 – 20.30
·       Monday 20th November 18:30 – 20.30
·       Monday 27th November 18:30 – 20.30
·       Monday 4th  December 18:30 – 20.30



Start date Monday, 9th October @ 6.30p.m.

Fee:  €105.