Yarn Craft – Knitting, Felting & Crochet

 Yarn Craft –   Knitting, Felting & Crochet – a bit more!


8 Weeks Tuesday 7.00pm to 9.00pm

This course gives you an insight into some of our traditional yarn crafts that have been practiced  in our schools and households for decades.  As we have entered the age of technology some of the traditional pastimes are becoming lost and unknown to younger generations.

This course is suited for those who have begun to knit or crochet and would like to learn more skills.

We will be covering the skills described below, while working on patterns. You can bring your own project or I will have some projects that you could take on.*

Your project, if you are bringing your own, should include some increasing, decreasing and something a little challenging for yourself.

If there are other things that you want to learn that are not listed on the outline, please do mention to me on the first evening and I can incorporate them into the course as we progress.

Any questions or queries about the course outline, or if there is anything you would like added please don’t hesitate to contact me on carolinekelly@knittingforall.com

Week 1 Tuesday 30th January 7pm – 9pm

· Introduction to the Course & what we will be covering

· Knitting & Crochet Skills – Decreasing

Week 2 Tuesday 6th February 7pm -9pm

· Knitting & Crochet Skills – Increasing

Week 3 Tuesday 20th February 7pm – 9pm

· Crochet – New Stitches

Week 4 Tuesday 27th February 7pm -9pm

· Knitting – Cables

Week 5 Tuesday 6th March 7pm -9pm

· Knitting – Using Circular Needles & Knitting in the Round

Week 6 Tuesday 13th March 7pm – 9pm

· Pattern Reading, Understanding & Tips

· Basic Colourwork

Week 7 Tuesday 20th March 7pm – 9pm

· Knitting Skills – iCord, Cable Cast On.

· Crochet Skills – C2C, Simple Hexagon & Flower Hexagon

Week 8 Tuesday 10th April 7pm – 9pm

· Finishing out projects and planning what’s next!







Items Needed (students bring their own or the tutor can provide for price listed beside each)

·        Knitting Basic Pack (€6)

·      · Knitting Needles Size 5mm

·      · Aran Wool 100g Ball

·        Crochet (€6)

·      · Crochet Hook Size 5mm

·      · Aran Wool 100g Ball

·      · Fleece

·      · Felting Needle

·      Felting (€4)


Course Dates

Tuesday                  30th January                             7pm-9pm

Tuesday                  6th,20th, 27th February         7pm-9pm

Tuesday                  6th,13th,20th March                7pm-9pm

Tuesday                  10th April                                    7pm-9pm



Start date Tuesday 30th Jan @ 7p.m.

Fee:  €105