Nail Workshop

Nail Workshop – UV Gel Polish Up Skill

Tuesday 6.30pm-8.30pm for 8 weeks

This course is suitable for a beauty enthusiast looking to get up-skilled in the application of UV Gel polish. The course will cover the process from preparation to application and aftercare. This course is run by local lady Aoife Corley,  of Quay 2 Beauty, who has many years working in the beauty industry, with a particular interest and talent in nails.

Be able to prepare for light cured polish treatment:

  • Describe salon requirement for preparing themselves, the client and work area for cured polish treatment
  • Describe different consultation techniques used to identify treatment objectives
  • Explain the importance of carrying out a detailed nail and skin analysis
  • Describe how to select products, tools and equipment to suit client treatment needs, and nail conditions
  • Describe the contraindications which prevent or restrict light cured polish treatment
  • Explain the different types of products and equipment that be used when carrying out the treatment
  • Explain the importance of following manufacturer’s instructions
  • Describe how to maintain and remove a light cured polish(2/3 week polish)
  • Learning about the different types of gel polishes there is out there and to see what suits you and clients


Be able to provide light cured polish treatment

  • Prepare self, the client and the work area for light cured polish treatment in accordance with health and safety working practices
  • Communicate and behave a professional manner
  • Use suitable consultation techniques to identify treatment objectives
  • Perform client nail analysis
  • Position self and client correctly throughout the treatment
  • Select product, tools, equipment and techniques to suit client’s treatment needs and nail conditions
  • Prepare client’s nails and apply light cured polish products according to manufacturer’s
  • Complete the treatment to the satisfaction of the client
  • Provide suitable aftercare and maintenance advice
  • Record the result of the treatment


Course Dates

February 4th, 11th, 25th

March 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st

April 21st


Course Cost



Start Date

Tuesday 4th February @ 6.30pm