Portugal 2018

In January 2018 4 students from Beauty Level 6 travelled to Lagos in the Algarve region in Portugal to partake in a mobility. The studnets worked in a local hotel SPA and learned vital skills that are readily transferable to Ireland.


Student Testimonials

Employees and Trainers were so good to us and were always checking to see if we needed anything or help. They were extremely kind” – Natasha Beauty Level 6

We were trained in both massage and facials and adapted our routines in such a way that our supervisor was satisfied with. I gained experience in this field of work since i had never worked in it before. Now i have confidence in myself that i can fulfill this position as a therapist. Positive feedback from clients suggested that i had good work ethic and techniques, especially in deep tissue massage. Some clients requested that they had me as their therapist when they returned for a treatment. I learned non-verbal communication skills because of the language barrier. The experience that i gained abroad will help me gain employment at home.” – Claire Beauty Level 6