Spain 2020

Granada 2020

1. Granada Cathedral.

2. Views from downtown Granada looking up into the hills and mountains.

3. A lemur from our visit to the BioDomo in Granada. He was very friendly and photogenic.

4. The BioDomo which was indoors but gave a feel of being inside the rainforests.

5. View of the hills and mountains when seen o top of Alhambra.

6. One of the main halls of Alhambra, featuring the Arabic architecture

7. The Plaza Isabel de Cat├│lica which we passed every day to go to our work placement. This was it lit up at night.

8. View from our Sunset Walking tour during the sunset overlooking the city

9. Some of my fellow students and me with the sunset lit city in the background

10. Outside the Sierra Nevada shopping centre, showing the contrast between sunny palm trees and snow capped mountains.

– Lauren Moore, Beauty and Make Up Artistry Level 6

1. View from the terrace of the apartment
2. Sun hitting a sculpture on the wall of the cathedral in Granada
3. The cathedrals front
4. the bio dome in the science park in Granada
5. A typical street in Granada leading towards a old church
6. Cannon at the Alhambra place
7. Courtyard of a building at Alhambra palace
8. The El Patio de los Arrayanes Inside the Alhambra Palace
9. Some crafts I helped make for valentine’s day
10. Helping to feed a resident at lunch time
11. The centre where I was on placement with some residents
12. The buildings near the fountain near the apartment
13. A drawing of a mandolin I made which was a template to make 20 mandolins out of cardboard for the “Carnival” festival, which is the start of Easter period.

-Aidan Garvey, Healthcare Support Level 5