Professional Hairdressing


Successful completion of this course will result in a Senior Hairdressing Trades Certificate, certified by the Department of Education and Skills.

Entry Requirements

  • QQI Hairdressing Level 5 and successful completion of Junior Trades, or equivalent
  • Qualified Hairdressers wishing to up skill

Exemptions granted to Mature Applicants. Entry is subject to interview.

Course Duration

This is a full time one year course and runs from September to May.



  • Client Consultation for Hairdressing services
  • Shampoo, Condition, Head Massage
  • Fashion Cutting and Restyling
  • Colouring Techniques
  • Permanent Waving
  • Up styling Women’s Hair
  • Health and Safety in the Salon
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hairdressing Science

Extra-Curricular Activities

Events and courses we facilitate include the following, subject to class time constraints:

  • Fantasy Course at MOHH Academy, Athlone, with Fantasy Training
  • Colour Course, Colour Steps Two with AlfaParf Technician.
  • Irish Hairdressing Championship’s in the RDS, Dublin.
  • Barbering Workshop at the College Salon
  • The Hairdressing European Cup Championships. We hope to have some students competing.

Career Opportunities

  • Freelance Stylist
  • Barber
  • Salon Owner/Manager
  • Consultant
  • Wig Stylist
  • Lecturer
  • Trichologist
  • TV/Film Stylist
  • Salon Technician
  • Receptionist
  • Retail Demonstrator
  • Marketing Executive
  • Stylist on Cruise Ship

Student Testimonial


After giving it a lot of consideration I decided to enrol in the Level 6 Hairdressing course. I am a mature student and I have run my own salon for the last 10 years. While I have found it difficult to juggle college, work and family life I am thoroughly enjoying the course. I have the found the staff to be very motivating and inspiring and there is great support and encouragement among students.   I would highly recommend this course to hairdressers of all levels.


Once you have applied online you will be called for an interview within a few weeks.  Senior Trades Fees of approximately €100 apply.  Books and essential class materials may also be required.  A €200 Government levy will apply on acceptance of a place on PLC course, but medical card holders and those in receipt of a maintenance grant will be exempt.  A Student Service fee of €100 and Senior Trades Exam Fee also apply.


Client Consultation for Hairdressing Services

Studying this module will enable Students to become proficient in:

  • Consultations preceding all hairdressing services incorporating chemical services.
  •  Identifying growth patterns, natural hair form, hair texture, hair density, hair porosity, hair elasticity.
  • Analysing scalp conditions, and previous treatment history.
  • Recording all information.

Shampoo, Condition, Head Massage

Studying this module equips Students with the skills to:

  • Identify shampoo and conditioner attributes and features.
  • Analyse the formulation of shampoo`s and conditioning products.
  • Investigate by testing the PH of shampoos and conditioners.
  • Demonstrate different types of massage media for shampoo, conditioner and head massage.
  • Identify equipment used for scalp massage services.

Fashion Cutting and Restyling

Studying this module equips Students with the skills to:

  • Identify reference points on the head form and understand their role in haircutting.
  • Define angles, elevations, and guidelines.
  • Demonstrate the safe and proper use of the various tools of haircutting.
  • Demonstrate uniform layers, square layers, graduated bob, asymmetric cutting, convex cutting and reverse graduation.
  • Demonstrate mastery of Fashion haircuts enhanced by fashion colour.
  • Demonstrate mastery of texturizing techniques including point cutting, brick cutting, thinning, castle serrations, Slide cutting and razor cutting.
  • Be proficient in seven blow drying techniques.

Advanced Colouring Techniques

Studying this module equips Students with the skills to:

  • Demonstrate the mastery of the following inorganic and synthetic Colouring techniques:
  • Synthetic colours including Temporary, Semi-Permanent, Quasi colour and Permanent colour.
  • Be proficient in Organic Hair Colouring.
  • Demonstrate Fashion colouring techniques including slicing, balayage, masking, colour melting, colour veil, tone on tone and tiger eye colour.
  • Demonstrate highlighting techniques using wraps, foils and mesh with a minimum of 60 to 80.
  • Create a Competitive fashion colour on mannequin or live model for photoshoots.

Permanent Waving

Studying this module equips Students with the skills to:

  • Understand the chemical changes that takes place during a Bodywave, Fashion Wave or Perm.
  • Perform a permanent modern Fashion Wave.
  • Differentiate between an acid perm, an alkali perm and an exothermic perm.
  • Be proficient in carrying out chemical straightening of the hair.
  • Accomplish the croquignole/orthodox/nine section wind, directional wind, brick wind, weave wind, root lift wind, weave and leave wind, stack wind, double wind, piggy back wind and spiral wind.
  • Test the hair for incompatible chemicals, porosity, elasticity and carry out a pre- test curl.

Creative and Advanced Up Styling

Learners will gain knowledge in:

  • Essential foundations building with hints, tricks and tips.
  • Incorporating hair cushions, hair padding and hair pieces and extensions.
  • Dressing hair, volumising, and back combing techniques.
  • Exploring the use of tongs, heated rollers, GHD, and the wand.
  • Braiding, Plaiting and weaving hair.
  • Vintage Up Styling.
  • Bridal Up Styling with opportunities to do a full bridal photoshoot.

Health and Safety in the Salon

On completing this module, learners will be able to:

  • Understand your responsibilities, how to identify potential risks and hazards and how to report them correctly.
  • Explore how to deal with emergency and evacuation procedures, security protocols and firefighting requirements.
  •  Learn about your responsibilities to ensure high standards of hygiene are applied when carrying out treatments.
  • Understand the contents of a salon`s Health and Safety policy.
  • Acknowledge the role and responsibilities of an employee and the roles and responsibilities of an employer.
  • Demonstrate skin testing procedures.

Hair Extensions

Studying this module equips Students with the skills to:

  • Follow health and safety hair extension guidelines.
  • Perform Client extension consultations.
  • Sectioning and preparation of the hair.
  • Apply different types of hair extensions.
  • Colour matching and blending the hair.
  • Care and maintain your hair extensions.
  • Safely removing hair extensions.
  • Razor, cut and trim hair extensions.
  • Demonstrate aftercare and products consultations.

Hairdressing Science

Studying this module Students gain knowledge in:

  • The autonomy and physiology of the head, neck and hand.
  • The science of permanent waving – all types to include reduction and oxidation.
  • The science of hair colouring and decolouring including bleaching.
  • Salon Management.
  • Personal Hygiene and sanitation and sterilisation in relation to salon work.
  • Structure of growth of hair, protein and skin, their functions and properties.
  • Structure and functions of the skull.
  • Elementary autonomy and Physiology.
  • Science testing prior to chemical services.
  • Common chemicals employed in hairdressing and their effects.
  • Health and Safety.

Assessment Criteria:  Written and Practical Examinations

Work Placement

While work experience is not a mandatory requirement for certification, it is strongly recommended that students gain 3 days work experience in a busy, suitable salon.

Westport College of Further Education reserves the right to limit the number of places available, make changes in any course or to withdraw the course. No part of this information shall be deemed to form a contract between Westport College of Further Education and the student, or a third party.