Denmark 2018

In January 2018, Four very happy students returned from Vibourg in Denmark after what they decribed as exciting and educational work placements. Two students from Film and Photography experienced the buzz of the media industry with placements in local media production and the communications department at Mercantec College. The two students of Motor Mechanics started their placements within the College, observing how mechanics in Demark are trained and engaging in that training process, and following on with placements on in an Opel garage and a garage attached to a fire station. Here the firemen (all fully trained nechanics) put their down time to good use working in the garage. The students made the most of their time off with weekend trips to see the city sights.


Student Testimonials

“There were at first come cultural differences that I was not immediately aware of but as soon as I realised the slight differences between the Danish and Irish cultures I felt more ready and able to meet people from the college. Although distant at first the students quickly came to accept me and I really got on well with them, to the point that we regularly met up and did things together.” –  Hannah Film and TV Production

“Working on a daily/ weekly & online Newspaper was very good. Also experiencing another culture and working with the journalists/staff was also very good. I feel having worked abroad will greatly enhance my chances of employment here in Ireland because of the valuable international work experience gained in Denmark” –  Padraig Photography Level 6

“Working in the garages and seeing the different procedures was my favourite part of the trip, I got to see the different procedures and learn new tricks in the garage.I also found the support of the host school to be very positive and support was incredible and the provision of bikes to be very helpful” – Shane Motor Technology