Denmark 2020

Big Pot – Kat Looks Up. A huge pot at the ‘Clay’ Museum in Middlefart – Denmark’s national ceramics museum, showcasing the country’s rich ceramics tradition from 235 years ago right up to the present day.

Biking In Viborg. Bikes are King in Denmark and definitely the best way to get around. Bikes were provided to us by Mercantec and allowed us to explore the cobbled streets of Viborg with ease.

Hall Of Chairs. Copenhagen’s Design Museum has a beautiful showcase of the country’s many, many chair designs throughout the ages.

Kat & Lars. Lars Kahler, the 5th generation ceramics master, talks through an exhibition of pots with his student, Kat. Lars has held pottery demonstrations himself in this very spot in Clay museum.

Kat On The Bus To Randers. To reach the pottery studio, Kat took a bus journey to Randers everyday. The Danish countryside is flat with beautiful farm buildings dotted throughout.

Mary & Kat Get Into Disco. The Copenhagen Design museum had an exhibit on the history on the nightclub. Mary and Kat appreciated John Travolta’s moves.

Michael Knocks On The Town Church’s Door. The Town church in Viborg is a beautiful red-brick building with views over the 2 lakes.

Michael Studies. The accommodation at Mercantec is very comfortable with excellent facilities. Micheal works hard under some modern art in one of the large, communal study areas in the building.

Streets Of Viborg. Viborg is one of Denmark’s oldest cities and was once where all the King’s of Denmark reported to. The city is steeped in history, with small cobbled streets and beautiful buildings.

Michael Watches Keld At Work. Photographer Keld Lund is a Viborg native and asked us to assist in taking portraits of employees in the cities impressive city hall.


-Alice Turpin, Film and Photography Level 5


– Inside the Veboug Cathedral

-Group photo of Mercantec workers

-Machine used to test the BHP car power, called a Dyno

-Inside the Mercantec Garage

-View of the Mercantec College

-I am doing an oil change on a super deck

-Nyhavn New Harbour

-Ramus fixing a puncture

-Rosenburg Castle

-Botanical Gardens

-Veboug Cathedral

-Danish armed guards preparing for inspection

-The Marker for the very center of Veboug


-James Kemp, Motor Technology Level 5



Team Denmark out for Dinner at an all you can eat grill – very popular in Viborg!

Me and Alice at the Ceramic museum – behind us are pots from Lars’ family factory

Me and Lars working in his studio

Throwing my first pot on the wheel

Lars taking pots out of the hot kiln

The National Museum of Clay and Ceramics in Middlefart

Me glazing some mugs I made

Me and Alice at the Ceramic museum – behind us are pots from Lars’ family factory

A visit to a castle near Randers

Denmark’s first university!

Some of my pots in the kiln after the final firing

Alice with her bike in Copenhagen

Me with my bike in Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen

Traditional Danish open sandwiched with smoked fish and shrimp
-Kathryn Slater, Art Level 6