Erasmus + France 2017

In February 2017 a group of 7 student’s travelled via Carcassonne airport to Nimes in the South of France. This is the promotional video that we made to highlight the trip to perspective students.


Once our students arrived, 4 worked on a vineyard in our partner college and 3 students worked in a local Garden Centre that supplies plants all over Europe.

Please see some quotes from our students below-


During my work experience I have acquired a wealth of knowledge in the Viticulture/Horticultural fields of Pruning and Cordon training.”

Sean Kean, Horticulture Level 6

“I found the overall experience to be very positive. I enjoyed working abroad

and getting to experience the different cultural and working practices in the

vineyard. I found the people to be very welcoming and were very thorough in

providing the training required. They were also keen to make our stay as

enjoyable as possible. The language barrier was difficult at first but as

time went on my level of french improved and it became much easier to

communicate with the host workers. I also gained experience in working as

part of a team and working within a group to achieve a common goal.”

David Forkan, Agriculture Level 6

“The key experience I gained during this program was the cultural changes to

be observed. I did not have a knowledge of French life, and this experience

opened my eyes to how different the French and Irish cultures are. I also

learned more about what to expect when visiting a foreign country. If was

also a culture shock to experience 20 degree sun in February. Being from the

west of Ireland, we are exposed to 300 days of rain per year. It was

refreshing to experience a climate of sun so early in the year.”

Michael Connolly Motor Technology Level 5