France 2020


– Lorna Mathastein, Horticulture Level 6


– Timothy Stevens, Motor Technology Level 5


-Mairead Murphy, Art Level 6

-Sarah Bohan, Art Level 6




1.This is the house/ apartment that we stayed in. It was in the town of Figeac and we had the bottom floor with a garden. It was a lovely house, it had marble floors and it was warm.

2-4 This was some of the buildings in our town. I thought they were pretty. The shutters on the windows and the brick work are very appealing. There was also a river going through the town with two bridges to walk over it.

5. On the second Sunday while we were there, we came across some type of parade. We tried finding out what the parade was for but to no avail. There was lots of music and lots of people dressed up.

6. On our first day at the college, Eithne brought us down to the farm before meeting with the principle and I got to see these guys. The farm on the college also had cows and pigs.

7.The kennels that I worked on were indoor and outdoor kennels. They were a great size, had a doggy door and three doors for extra protection of the dogs and people. Every morning I was greeted with at least ten dogs saying hello.

8. This Is Pyrus. He is 10 months old and has been kept at the kennels throughout the week since he was two months old. I got to do some puppy training with Pyrus such as sit, stay and come. He was such a good boy and he loved treats.

9. This is Pica. One of the days I was there we got to do dog grooming. This machine is basically a hairdryer but it’s useful when you have dogs that are a bit scared as this is quiet and not as strong as a grooming hairdryer. This was my first time seeing one of these.

10. This is Pyrus, Java and Glorie. My three babies. These dogs were so well behaved and so loving. I actually miss them so much. Glorie is one month pregnant and is due a month after I come home.

-Nadine Mangan, Animal Care Level 5