Germany 2020

– View from the highest point in Heidelberg
– Highest tower in Frankfurt and third highest in the whole of Germany
– Feeding Felix the Fox his daily dose of chicken
– Thunder wolves
– Up close and personal
– Mommy and baby moose
– Feeding the lynx
– Lucy lu!
– Colourful peacock- Some down time with Tapa the donkey

Caoimhe Fallon, Animal Science Level 6



Our last weekend we travelled to Berlin although it was a long journey. It was most definitely worth it Berlin was beautiful!!

view from Frankfurt main tower highest vantage point at 187 metres

wild boar enjoying a feed from the wildpark Alte Fasanerie, eating Vegetables and fruit that had gone past it’s sell by date that was donated by a local supermarket

this is a deer in the deer enclosure. The deer enclosure here in the wildpark Alte Fasanerie. The deer enclosure here alone is larger than then the whole of Frankfurt zoo

feeding Miya, a pet pygmy goat who’s mother died giving birth to her.

on one of our days off we travelled to Heidelberg another place well worth visiting this is the View from a stunning Castle in Heidelberg.

here are some moose living in the wild park that we got to feed daily

When we were up in the main tower we could see Römerberg and also the easiest way to walk to it it is also know as Frankfurts old square there was a really nice lively atmosphere here.

we also got up close to the peacocks in the wild park. Here is one photo of him when he was not chasing anyone!
Grace McDonagh, Animal Science Level 6

– Aisha Butler, Hairdressing Level 5


-Jessica Wilson, Hairdressing Level 5