Iceland 2020

Picture 1. Here are some of the residents, work colleagues and myself from Ás Dvalar Hveragerdi Iceland. It was an amazing place to work and the staff were so kind, friendly and supportive.
Picture 2. Is the celebration the residents had when iceland recieved its first ever Oscar. There was wine and chocolates for everyone; except the staff 😏.
Picture 3. This is Tom the care home’s live in cat. He spends his day being spoilt by the residents and staff.
Picture 4. Ths is the layout of the care home. It has 26 beds, dining room and kitchen, all on one level, then downstairs it has a physiotherapy room, a hairdressers, a podiatrist and a shop.
Picture 5 and 6. Hallgrimskirkja parish church in Reykjavik. You can climb up to the top and the views are amazing.
Picture 7. Inside the whale museum. ( We had a Whale of a time😉)
Picture 8. The exhibition Quake 2008 in Hveragerdi. It is in the shopping centre. When building the centre the quake happened leaving a huge crack in the ground so they built around it and incorporated it into the building. You can go into the simulator and it is completly dark. It sounds like a train coming then just starts to shake violently and stops. Amazing experience. Margrét Haraldardóttir designed a piece of art from broken things like glass and crockery.
Picture 9. The Northern Lights from the town. Not much colour only green but still spectacular. The picture doesn’t do it justice.
Picture 10. Reykjadalur Valley. You climb up a mountain and walk for about three kilometers to get to the hot river. It is a river flowing down the mountain and its wayer is hot. The higher you go the hotter it gets. Its worth the climb when all around you is covered in snow and to get into this river is amazing and surreal. It was the highlight of my trip to Iceland.

Elaine Ginnelly, Healthcare Support Level 5


-David Calvey, Horticulture Level 6

-Elaine Ryder, Animal Care Level 5


-John Hallinan, Agriculture Level 6