Spain 2020

Granada 2020

1. Granada Cathedral.

2. Views from downtown Granada looking up into the hills and mountains.

3. A lemur from our visit to the BioDomo in Granada. He was very friendly and photogenic.

4. The BioDomo which was indoors but gave a feel of being inside the rainforests.

5. View of the hills and mountains when seen o top of Alhambra.

6. One of the main halls of Alhambra, featuring the Arabic architecture

7. The Plaza Isabel de Católica which we passed every day to go to our work placement. This was it lit up at night.

8. View from our Sunset Walking tour during the sunset overlooking the city

9. Some of my fellow students and me with the sunset lit city in the background

10. Outside the Sierra Nevada shopping centre, showing the contrast between sunny palm trees and snow capped mountains.

– Lauren Moore, Beauty and Make Up Artistry Level 6

1. View from the terrace of the apartment
2. Sun hitting a sculpture on the wall of the cathedral in Granada
3. The cathedrals front
4. the bio dome in the science park in Granada
5. A typical street in Granada leading towards a old church
6. Cannon at the Alhambra place
7. Courtyard of a building at Alhambra palace
8. The El Patio de los Arrayanes Inside the Alhambra Palace
9. Some crafts I helped make for valentine’s day
10. Helping to feed a resident at lunch time
11. The centre where I was on placement with some residents
12. The buildings near the fountain near the apartment
13. A drawing of a mandolin I made which was a template to make 20 mandolins out of cardboard for the “Carnival” festival, which is the start of Easter period.

-Aidan Garvey, Healthcare Support Level 5


February this year I was lucky to be picked to go on Erasmus from the beauty therapy course. We went for three weeks to a city in Spain called Granada. We worked five days a week Monday to Friday having evenings and weekends off. There was six girls and one boy in total. Being on work placement in a different country was a great learning experience. We were able to see what it was like working in another country and finding out their ways of doing things and seeing the difference in cultures. Our time off was spent sampling what the city had to offer. There was many things to do and see in Granada from looking at the beautiful architecture like the palace that’s in the heart of the city to shopping and many other activities. They speak very little English in Granada which was good because by the end of the three weeks that we spent there we picked up a lot of Spanish.

1. This beautiful building is called the Alhambra we went there our second weekend while in Granada. The architecture was amazing. We learned lots about the history of the city here.
2,3. Me and Tracy walking to our first day of work placement in the beauty salons.
4, 5. Most evenings after work placement Tracy and I went for a run up the hills of the city and got to catch the amazing views of the city.
6,7. Ceili and I spent a weekend in a city close by called Malaga this was a two hour journey from Granada and also it was the city we flew in to. The main reason we went there was to hike the Calmino Del Rey. This was the most beautiful place we ever visited.
8. The group of us on our last week went on a tour to Sacromente. This is where crowds of people gathered every day to play music and to watch the sun go down.

– Charlotte O’Callaghan, Beauty Therapy Level 5

View from our apartment
This was my placement and a picture of Myself and Charlet on the way to work
I was out for my run and came across a sunset over the city.
Few pictures of me exploring Granada City
Alhambra Palace
This is the old town of Granada called Sacromonte with a view of the Alhambra palace.
On one of your last week in Granada the agency organised a sunset tour for all of us to see on the city
– Tracey McGreal, Beauty Therapy Level 5

1. This is a picture of the front of a local catholic church named ‘Iglesia de Santo Domingo’
2. This is picture of the altar and aisle inside the Cathedral of Granada
3. This is a picture of one of the gardens inside the La Alhambra
4. This is the exterior of the La Alhambra Palace
5. This is a picture of the finished look I did in the hair salon. A wash, cut and blow-dry with curls
6. This is a picture of one of the colour appointments I did.
7. This is a picture of the bowl of colour I used. I mixed 30g of colour to 60 g of hydrogen peroxide
8. This is an image of the inside of the hair salon
9. This is a picture of the La Alhambra Palace from the Mirador de San Miguel one of the viewpoints to the La Alhambra
10. This is a picture of me with the salon staff on the last day of placement
– Lena Kerrigan, Hairdressing Level 5



First day in Spain, doing a tour around Granada
View from our apartment
Make up look I did at work
Caminito Del Ray hike
Sunset tour
Alhambra palace in Granada
Malaga Hike
– Ceili Schneider, Beauty Therapy Level 5

– Angela Costello, Beauty Therapy Level 5



-Saoirse Hastings, Beauty Therapy Level 5