United Kingdom 2020


The first photo was my last day of work, I went out hacking on a mare called Rosie, she was my favourite. A sport horse, she was spending some time at Cheston as her owner was away on holidays.

The next is a picture of Ferdi resting after a long day of lessons with all the kids! I loved Ferdi as he reminded me of my first ever pony!

The third photo is of Looe, we were just passing through before we were heading home, I loved Looe as it reminded me a little of Roundstone, a place I spent a lot of time at when I was a child.

The fourth photo is of our little friend Nasher, the cat! He was the friendliest cat I have ever encountered. He followed us all day at work and loved when we would play with him and give him loads of attention!

The next photo is of Totnes, we visited this place in our second week of Erasmus, it was a small town but very touristy and scenic, a place I would like to see again! We tried a Cornish pasty here and it was absolutely delicious.

The next picture is of our first day hacking out, we went to the Moore’s, with the horses, Hector, Elvis and Jazz. The views were amazing and we went for a few great gallops.

The next is of the indoor arena, which was amazing! There isn’t a lot of arenas like this at home so I found it incredible.

The eight photo is of Elvis’ mein, I was giving him a little hair cut and practicing pulling meins! I think it came out well myself. (I forgot to take a picture when I was completely finished)

The picture of the squirrel. I have never seen a squirrel before! This was my very first time, and it wasn’t my last over in England. There was loads of squirrels over there. Very happy I finally got to see one in real life, a couple of times!

Little Mavis. The foal that didn’t want any human going near her. Michelle and I spent quite a bit of time with Mavis trying to make her trust humans and show her that we weren’t so bad! By the end of our stay Mavis was approaching us, letting up rub and cuddle her and we also got a head collar on her!

Alison McGreal, Animal Care Level 5


A hack on the Moore.

Some of the Stables.

One of the 3 Arenas.

The house we stayed in which is 500 years old.

We visited Totnes

One of the outdoor arenas.

A stream running alongside the stables.

Learning how to plait manes.

Out on a hack.

– Michelle Walsh, Animal Care Level 5



– me schooling Alice
– Me riding Alice
– Cross country course designing at Port Eliot estate
– Lunging Em
– Lunging Alice
– Schooling Thomas
– Hacking in the countryside
– Hacking in the countryside
– Me having a side-saddle lesson
– Me with Raff having a rest

– Megan O’Malley, Animal Care Level 5



From sheep to horses to tractors, loved every minute of it, learnt so much and met some amazing people

Chloe Heanue, Animal Science Level 6


Ragdale Hall

– Lunch in Ragdale
– The outside of Ragdale
– The outside of Ragdale
– Outside welcome reception area
– Outside welcome reception area
– A local pie shop in Melton town. Middle lands are know for the pies.
– A picture that was framed and displayed proudly in Ragdale of the estate from above.
– A gorgeous fireplace from just inside the entrance, a symbol of the warm welcome.
– A gorgeous evening stroll around the grounds.
– Built in 1892 this building in Melton caught my eye as we lived 1minute walk away. The building was originally built as a care home.

– Tanya Geraghty, Beauty Therapy Level 6